He Dumped His Family After Housing A Ukrainian Refugee Lady For 10 Days

What is your take on the story?

4 min readMay 24, 2022
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This happened in a UK family of four where the husband walked out of their eight years of relationship. The husband is a twenty-nine-year-old working as a security guard and the wife is a twenty-eight-year-old raising two kids aged six and three respectively.

The husband claimed that this refugee was the first one to respond to his offer on Facebook, while there is news saying that he saw her photo first on Facebook before he offered to be her UK sponsor.

This refugee is a twenty-two-year-old IT manager in her homeland — an attractive lass and smart too, judging from her managerial post at her young age.

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube. Here are some of the comments by the viewers on this news, which can be divided into three groups:

1. The worldly group (the perceived smart ones)

The wife has to be blamed, why is she so stupid to allow this beautiful young lady into her house? Especially the Ukrainian women at this juncture knowing that many opportunistic people will try to get a foothold on new land.

Come on, men are men! You should know their DNA.

Never house a stupid refugee as there’s another refugee who ended up burning down the house when he was burning a Russian flag! Oh my gosh!

2. The naive group (the perceived stupid ones)

The husband was kind to offer shelter to the refugee. More people should be offering such assistance.

The wife’s kindness should not be taken for granted by this refugee.

3. The realist group (worldly and kind ones)

Yes, the wife should welcome the move by the husband to house the refugee but never allow him to pick a young and beautiful single lady. Never test the limit of the less pleasant side of human nature. A candidate like her should be arranged to be housed in a non-threatening family environment.

Being too kind without considering the possible risk to yourself is endangering yourself with…




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