The Benefits of Pain in Life

Why pain is an essential part of life

3 min readFeb 25
Photo by Mikhail Nilov:

Hey all humans


The emotion or feeling that all of you are most fearful of

Where all of you are trying to run away from

However, None of you can run away from me

Be it emotional pain

Like losing our loved one, losing your job

Or physical pain like bruises and cuts on your body

Sometimes the pain could be so unbearable

Till you want to kill yourself to get rid of me

Especially in the crazy intense so-called love

Or the torture of sickness like cancer

All of you hate me

I totally understand why

Many of you question why I need to be part of your life

But I DO have my benefits, you know

All of you learn best under me

Otherwise, you will never learn

Remember your most painful moments in life?

E.g when you lost someone dear to your heart

Like your parents or your spouse

Haven’t you wished that you could have spent more time with them?

Haven’t you wished you should have treated them better?

You learn about the good or the bad about human nature,

Or know more about your true self

Or when you lost your child to drug addiction

Haven’t you wished that you should have showed more love to them?

This child is the hard knock that made you relook at your relationship with them and improve your parenting skills

If not because of the earthquake will we realize that the buildings were poorly built because of corruption?

That prompted the lawmakers to look into the corruption matters more seriously?




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